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Ft. Riley 1962-1965 Rost

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18th Infantry Regiment rost
as of May, 2011
Fort Riley I 1962 - 1965
Last Name First M Rank Status Unit Period Email Address
Brenke Alexander G Sp4 1/18th, Co. HHC 1961-1963 abrenke@comcast.net
Clarke Kenneth   1Lt   2/18th, HHC Aug63-Aug65 Flyrhighr@aol.com
Hamilton James H 1Lt 1/18th, HHC 1963 jhamilton55@aol.com
McNiff Jack Col Retired 1/18th,Co.B,HHC Feb62-Apr63 jmcniff@comcast.net
Rodriques Ernest F. 1/18th, HHC 1963-1965
Underwood Marshall H 1stSg Retired 18th, HHC 1962 joebill8@gmail.com

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