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Battle Group 1957-1962

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18th Infantry Regiment ro
as of December, 2011
Battle Group 1957 - 1962
Last Name First M Rank Status Unit Period Email Address
Adams Lovie D. Sp4 18th, Co. C Aug57-Aug59  
Beltz Kerwin D. 18th. Co. C Aug57-Aug59 A F Tenuta 6132001
Deener Edward W Sp4 18th, Co. C Aug57-Aug59 tenuta6132011
Engel Charles L. 18th, Co. C 60-63 c.engel@charter.net
Gross Joseph Sp4 18th, Co. C May57-Aug58 JONKELLY@aol.com
Higeman Charles E. 1/18th, Co. A Jan60-Jul63 chilgeman@woh.rr.com
Kelly Jon Sp4 18th, HHC Jan60-Jul63 jonkelly@aol.com
Luxner William A. PFC 1/18th Jan57-Sep57
Milus Ronald Sp4 18th, Co. C 1961-63 nolesfansre@webtv.net
Schirano Frank Sp4 18th, Co. C Aug57-Aug59
Sciarrabone Carmen 1/18th, HHC Apr60-Jan62 carmarwall@aol.com
Smith Roger W Sp4 18th, Co. C Aug57-Aug59
Tenuta Alfred F. CW3 Retired 18th, Co. C Aug57-Aug57 northshore37@sbcglobal
Tozer Daniel C. 18th 1962 bdtozer@dandy.net
Warnberg Harry E. 1Lt Retired 1/18th HQ Co 1960-1963 JonKelly@aol.com

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